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Knife Sharpener

This easy-to-use cordless sharpener features a built-in guide to hold your blades at the perfect angle.

A professional-grade mineral sharpening wheel and two-stage system restores a razor-sharp edge in just seconds. Use it on knives, precision hand tools, scissors and even larger household tools. And why risk damaging your blades with a manual sharpening stone, ceramic rod sharpener or sharpening steel? Swifty Sharp lets you easily restore your dull knives.

Amal My collection of old kitchen knives are sharper than they have ever been. The paper-cut test is unbelievable... the cuts are so clean. Dicing onions, slicing meat etc is a breeze.

Amir I have tried loads of knife sharpeners but this is the best. The Lansky sharpener gets a sharp edge but, for a blunt knife, it takes half an hour of hard messy work to get there and it is no use with thin knives. With this system, it takes five minutes of clean easy work to sort out a blunt kitchen knife. After that, just a few seconds are needed to re-sharpen it. | 2020. Create your shop now | Privacy policy | Terms | About us